Fiber & Cable

Broadband Internet Information

Web Force Systems is a leader in providing high performance, low cost Internet Broadband Connections to businesses/organizations in Central Ohio and surrounding communities. Web Force Systems can provide Fiber/Ethernet Connections in speeds as low as 5M and up to 1GB. Web Force Systems also provides Cable and DSL Connections. All of our connections are managed and monitored 24×7 at no additional cost.

What is Fiber/Ethernet?

Fiber/Ethernet Connections are high speed ranging as low as 5M and to as high as 1GB. Fiber/Ethernet connections are synchronous which means the download and upload speeds are the same. Fiber/Ethernet Connections are highly reliable. Fiber/Ethernet Connections are easily scalable and once you have the Fiber/Ethernet installed, it’s fairly easy to upgrade the bandwidth in the future. Fiber/Ethernet connections are well suited for companies that want high speed Internet with high availability and uptime. Fiber/Ethernet is also the best for integrated voice and data applications and VoIP.

What is Cable?

Cable Internet Connections are your value connections. They offer high speed at a low cost. Cable connections have a higher latency than Fiber/Ethernet circuits. As long as the occasional down time is acceptable, Cable can be a very good value selection. Web Force Systems has optimized our cable connections to be able to run our VoIP across it. Our Cable/VoIP offering is very cost competitive.

What is Wireless?

Web Force Systems can install Secure Fixed Point to Point Wireless Internet Connections that can be used as the primary connection or as a backup connection. This is not a cellular connection but a tower and radio fixed point wireless connection.

Why choose Web Force Systems?

Web Force Systems built their reputation on customer satisfaction and retention. We value our customers and work hard to service and support their needs. Web Force Systems can design and provide a converged data and voice network using multiple technologies in a cost effective manner.